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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 27, 2007
Hi Jim,

I've just flagged you as active for 2007. You will need to re-signon
and try it again please.

So, how have you been? I was thinking of you this morning. I fell on
an IDMS site, and it had you as the last member joined.


Rice, James L. (Jim) wrote:

I still don't see a link to the IDMS-L archive search. Is it not
or am I just missing it.=20


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Re: History of IDMS - a comments
"A plug for our Australian IDMS User Group web site - we pulled together
a number of articles into one big one - we take no responsibility for
content - we do give credit where credit is due for what is presented -
try - one of the ""sources"" is a young man goes
by the name of Chris Hoelscher - the man who approves his own e-mail and
good on him for it - cheers - Gary