Re:QO84982 Broken Chains

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 7, 2007
CA Have issued QI86517 stating that QO84982 can create broken chains
when using large buffer pools. No being on SP2/3/4 I cannot remember if
there is an SP0/1 version of QO84982. I could not find one.

Chris Wood

Alberta Department of Energy

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"Hi Jon, how have you been?

For what it's worth we have CAS running fine (with some minor hiccups
from time to time) on 15.0 SP5.
We have a very old CAS application - 1.x.

When I upgraded from 14.0 there were CAS macro's that I had to assemble.

The instructions were to assemble some of the programs like csytbl and
csyclas, I think. Those are not the exact names but something like them.

Without source I do not think you can upgrade, but I think there is an
IBM program that takes an assembler load module and will deconvert it
back into source for you. You may have to talk to your IBM systems
programmer about that, I do not know the name of it.

CAS is supported by the company CA sold it to. Again, I forget the name
of it. No doubt a Google search will bring it up. But in order to get
their support you have to start paying maintenance for them to begin
looking at a CAS issue of any kind.