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CAS still shows on the SSAGlobal web site at http://www.ssag
Hi Linda

CAS still shows on the SSAGlobal web site at

Steve Cannon

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I believe the product was sold along with CAS to SSA who I now understand
has resold the product. When we took the product to 14.1, CAS/DATA had to
be totally reassembled. You are correct that the changes to the DSECTS for
16.0 would most likely create the same circumstance as 14.0. I doubt that
the new vendor is even remotely aware of the product's heritage or its need
for reassembly with 16.0 unless someone else is experiencing the same
problem. You might want to check with CA Level II to see if they can help
you get in contact with the new owners. Contact me directly if you want me
to try and scrounge up some more information.

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