QMF-Like utility for IDMS ??

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Hi Guys,

One of our clients wants a utility that is similar to the
DB2 QMF facility. Nothing excites an upper level
manager like instant color graphs from extracted data on their own PC's.

Any third party product out there that's similar to QMF that will work
for IDMS ?

Thanks, Andy Daly
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Storage Cushion 0 Versus Storage Cushion non-zero
"QO74381(SP2,SP3), QO74375(SP0,SP1) - Allow ""CUSHION IS 0"" in SYSGEN Syntax when defining storage pools.
Without the apar, sysgen issues the message ""DC301001 INVALID CUSHION SIZE""
if 0 is specified, But the DCMT VARY STORAGE POOL nnn CUSHION 0 is allowed
for XA and Non-XA storage pools.

Compare the following two storage pool definitions. The major difference is in the ""Storage Cushion 0"" defined for the
XA storage pool 128, 129, 130 and 255 via the above apar. The question is whether this set up is better than the one
(where the Storage Cushion for the XA pool 128, 129, 130, 266 is non-zero) in terms of storage utilization and system

Release 16.0 writes a new message, DC015007 if a short on storage condition occurs from one of two possibilities:
Condition 0
A storage request has just been satisfied, but the total amount of free storage remaining in the pool
is less than the storage cushion for that pool.
Condition 1
A storage request has been issued. The DC system determined that this pool is eligible to satisfy
the request, but that not enough contiguous storage is available in the pool to satisfy the
request. Depending on the options specified on the GET STORAGE request and availability of
storage in other eligible pools, one of four actions may have been taken:
- The task was abended
- The task has been put in a wait state until enough storage is available.
- A return code has been sent back to the requesting program.
- The request has been fulfilled from another pool.

When the amount of unused space in Storage Pool 0 is smaller than the storage cushion, the DC/UCF system is said to be
short on storage. The system starts no new tasks and uses the cushion to satisfy storage requests from tasks that are
already executing.

When the Storage Cushion in XA pool 129, 130, 131, 255 are used, an SOS condition is encountered, would it stop new task
from starting as in the case of Storage Pool 0 going SOS. Since the non-XA pool 0, 1, 2 and 3 are defined for the same
storage types as in XA pool 128, 129, 130 and 255, they are used as backup pools. In that case why would we want to allow
SOS to occur for the XA pools by defining non-zero Storage Cushion. By defining ""Storage Cushion 0"" we would not get an
SOS condition from XA pool 128, 129, 130 and 255, but might still get condition 1 of DC015007.

0 0020D000 4000K 1000K 320K 340K 0 NO SY
1 005F5000 1000K 100K 28K 108K 0 NO US,UK
2 006EF000 1000K 100K 8K 8K 0 NO SH,SK
3 007E9000 1000K 100K 0K 8K 0 NO TR,DB
128 1B2FB000 40000K 0K 21012K 22480K 0 NO US,UK
129 1DA0B000 4000K 0K 456K 460K 0 NO SH,SK
130 1DDF3000 15000K 0K 5872K 6604K 0 NO TR,DB
255 1EC99000 32000K 0K 21248K 21888K 0 NO SY

0 00111000 1200K 400K 244K 252K 0 NO SY
1 0023D000 600K 92K 8K 80K 0 NO US,UK
2 002D3000 40K 12K 12K 12K 0 NO SH,SK
3 002DD000 500K 52K 0K 16K 0 NO TR,DB
129 0B5D0000 500K 60K 0K 0K 0 NO SH,SK
130 0B64D000 5500K 120K 564K 2288K 0 NO US,UK
131 0BBAC000 2500K 252K 480K 988K 0 NO TR,DB
255 0BE1D000 7000K 700K 1648K 2636K 0 NO SY

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Re: QMF-Like utility for IDMS ??
"If you have CA-Server for IDMS and the SQL option you can use the ODBC
driver to pull data directly from IDMS into XLS spreadsheets, for
example. Any report writer or graphical reporting tool that supports
ODBC and or JDBC data sources could similarly import data directly from
IDMS SQL or non-SQL (i.e. network) databases. We still do ETL processing
into our data warehouse - but brand new, ad-hoc queries can and have
been done against the ""real thing"" - under controlled conditions of
course as security, as ever, is a constant issue.

Cheers - Gary