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I notice you are sending DC999009 and DC259001 (logged on and signed
off) messages to the log. We have something like 7,000 registered users
- but only a HWM of currently signed on users of 600+ (max of 660) - so
they are constantly jumping in and out of the system. This generates an
awful lot of output to the log and makes it difficult to find messages
that pertain to application and/or system problems - not to mention
possible performance implications (although log output is not
journalised it can become a bottleneck at peak times - a bit like the
old hard copy system console logs in the very old days).

So after each upgrade to the message area we change the definition of
these, and a few other messages, to suppress the output to the log. User
signons are recorded to SMF by our signon processing for audit purposes
- we don't worry about signoff. I don't know if others do anything
similar or have even thought about this - so I thought it was worth

Cheers - Gary
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IDMS LOG Messages
"Hello All:

The DC99#### messages are still reserved for users.

I also modify the destination on a number of messages to keep log activity
to a minimum.

The normal Sign on message is DC258003.
The normal sign off message is DC259001.

Here are a few others that I modify destination to null.

DC075102, if you are a DC VTAM Shop this message says REQUESTING TERMINAL
DC021109, this message says the PASSWORD IS MISSING
DC091003, this message tells you a REPORT HAS BEEN PRINTED

Another message that I only modify the severity on is DC177023, this message
says INVALID RESPONSE OR NO RESPONSE. Normally this message will produce a
task snap (unless you have snaps turned off) if the user makes an invalid
response in an ASDA Application.

Bill Allen
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.
(704) 641-0296

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Re: DCLOG Message
"Hi Steve,
We get a 'Query/Reply: invalid input buffer' message followed by a 10
line snap of the buffer - followed by a 'signon' user defined DC message
from our application from which I was able to determine the associated
user and terminal id. It is always the same group of robotic users using
specific emulation software. My theory is that they are not emulating a
3270 correctly. I have brought it to their attention but surprisingly,
as it is not causing them any problem, they have failed to sort it out.


Steve Terry

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Thanks Steve, do you every get a snap dump from it? We do a lot UCF
connections from 6 cv's, wondered if that was in the mix. I have not
seen it cause a problem either, but you us curious minds....

Thanks for the input,
Steve Harmeson