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Greetings all,

I received the following email (below) from CA in regards to their
giving away a free CA World registration.
CA is giving away 2 free registrations, one to an IUA member in North
America and one to a European IUA member. I will be handling the North
American givaway and Jan Rabaut will be handling the European giveaway.

If you are already registered for CA World or are definitely going to CA
World, please send an email to by April 4 and I
will enter you in the drawing for the North American free registration.

Terry Schwartz
IUA Chair

Dear PLC IDMS (IUA/EIUA) members,

For those of you who are planning on attending CA WORLD this
April, we will be giving away two free CA WORLD 2007 registrations
(valued at $1295.00 USD) to two members of this user community.

The random drawing will take place on April 4, 2007.

At CA WORLD, we invite you to join the face to face PLC meetings
for your user community This is the chance for customers from around
the globe to meet in person and engage in peer networking and mutual
support. These sessions will be primarily guided by the members- topics
may include introductions to CA Development teams, quarterly call
topics, Enhancement Requests and Product Requirements, and many other
agenda items.

The IDMS users meeting at CA WORLD will be held on April 23
from 12-1 pm. Details are available thru the CA World site conference
sessions at <> .

Also, remember to send to us any specific topics you wish to
have addressed at this meeting to ensure that we have the right CA
resources and subject matter experts available to join you at this

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Re: XML question
"The XML operations are implemented as FUNCTIONS - I can't see any way of
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Just an opinion of course - always happy to be corrected - that's how we
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