Re:Re: Debugging database procedures

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 29, 2007

I assume you know that when issuing DC commands in SYSTEM mode registers
are automatically saved by IDMS you have to tell it what to save. You
can only save R2 to R8 as R9 and R10 must never change R11 is always
saved R0 and R1 are used by the call so cannot be saved and R14 is
always from address and R15 to address.
Here is an example


What I do is have 'debugging areas' in the procedure and at various
points in the code I store registers and or variables into one of the
debugging areas. So I may have 10 separate areas and would to a stores
at 10 points in the code.
I then use PMDC are similar product to display the load module in memory
and form the debugging bits I can normally see what it has gone wrong
and figure out my logic errors. This of course is only works if only you
are calling the procedure.

I always find it much harder debugging them when do not abend.
With an abend you have a dump so you can see what is wrong. It is when
they do
not do what you expect and no abend it is tricky.

Hope this helps