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Bill Allen wrote:
Hello All:

Does anyone have anything for calculating how much disk space would be
needed for an unload and reload of a CAS 3.0 Data Base? The
seem impossible except for a MIT Trained Mathematician.

Bill Allen
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I would not think that CAS would be any different than an ordinary IDMS
database - you just have to deal with each database area as its own
entity. The generic formula for sizing for an unload/reload is

NewSpace = ( CurrentSpace * PercentFullNow ) / PercentFullDesired

NewSpace and CurrentSpace can be in tracks, bytes, GB, same-sized-pages,
as long as both are in the same unit.

73 de Jim, KD1YV (server not up 24x7)

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Re: Formula for calculating how much space needed for an Unload/Reload
"Hello Linda:

No, I was hoping that someone had something to figure out the WORK space
needed during an Unload/Reload (SYS002, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.) of some of the CAS
Data Base Areas. The Utilities manual has a formula but it is almost impossible
to use for CAS because of the numerous record and set types and all of the
cross area pointers.

I also now how to compute the size of a normal IDMS Data Base, thanks for
the suggestions so far, but I am really after a tool to compute the WORK space
required and not a data base area.

Thanks for your time and support.

Bill Allen

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Are you talking about the CAS sizing program that took in functional
information and spit out the area sizes?

Linda Casey
Run Right, LLC