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Hello all,
I've been asked to build two new IDMS regions for a new and expanding
database. It has been years since I've built a new IDMS region from
scratch so I need some assistence with my memory. Obviously I will need
a new DMCL before I can do just about anything. I usually don't build
the DMCL in our environment. The application folks do that and the JCL
they have is only for CV mode they have no examples of creating a DMCL
in local mode. All I want to do is create a generic DMCL with the input
included in the R160DMCL member of PPOPTION. Does anyone have an example
of the JCL needed to create a new DMCL in local mode that they would be
willing to share with me

Thanks for your help and suggestions

Brian Davis
DBMS Technical Support

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I don't know about availability but it was a DOS only product. In fact it
used 16 bit addressing and assumed it had full access to real memory. So,
unless CA has a later 32 bit build you can only run it on DOS. Some
operating systems have a virtual DOS box but I don't know if it was ever
tested there. NT had that feature and I am not sure about Windows 2000 or
XP. Vista would be out of the question. 16 bit mode apps won't run there
at all.

If you can get it, your best bet would be to run it in a virtual machine
using MSDOS.

Tom Hebert
ObjEx, Inc.