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I heard the end of June a week or so ago. Hope they hold to it.

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Subject: IDMS R16 SP5?

Is anyone else in this fix?

I want to move from IDMS 14.1 to IDMS R16 but there have been several
hundred APARS since SP4 came out last summer. I really don't relish the
thought of doing a massive APAR accept - the amount of time would be
considerable and the chances of an error during the process is
non-linear (albeit, probably geometric rather than exponential). I have
been able to get management to hold off on the R16 install until SP5
comes along but it continues to get harder to convince them.

I have contacted CA several times and the SP5 issue dates continue
marching toward the elusive end of the rainbow (end of March then April
then May - I haven't tried recently but maybe end of June is a good

Any advice from those that are waiting for SP5?

Gene Verinder
Alliance Data Systems
Outsourcers for Dresser, Inc.

2007-05-29, 16:42:42
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Re: IDD and reversing DMCL changes
"BCF/OCF is the facility that handles segments and their area page
ranges. I suppose the catalog is a component of the integrated
environment, but it is SQL compliant, whereas IDD is Codasyl compliant.
With release 12.0 the physical definition of the database was taken out
of IDD and placed into the catalog. One other note, even in the old
days, as today, the dmcl was one load module never loaded from a load
area. It's always been punched as object and then link edited. For
area expansions, etc, it's simple and effective to keep the old load
module, modify the segment with the new page ranges, create a new dmcl,
punch and linkedit it with a newname. When the expansion is done, I
renamed the dmcl to olddmcl, and the newdmcl to the one and only name
the system uses. And usually that's the global dmcl I work with, so
it's tested by the expansion and nothing new when the cv's come up.
Also, be aware of IDMSDMCL. It's the default dmcl. A lot of IDMS dba's
dont know about that one, but it's the one that gets used by IDMS when
someone forgets a sysidms statement with a dmcl name. I always renamed
IDMSDMCL to old and made a copy of the global dmcl and called it

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