Calculating page size for existing database

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 29, 2007

Will someone share a formula for calculating a new page size for
existing database areas?
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2007-05-31, 11:00:58
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Test Fix for LE/370 Programs running with IBM apar PK28112

I see that there is a test fix for LE/370 programs when IBM apar PK28112
has been applied. Did someone on the list get this raised or is this
part of running IDMS under z/OS 1.9 pre-release testing by CA? We are
about to go z/OS 1.8 and I like to be prepared for problems. It raises a
T03C abend.



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Re: lines of ADS code

The problem is more difficult than just counting the number of lines in each
process module. When you compile a COBOL program you have all the divisions
considered as lines of code in the program. So, my first question is are
you only looking for process code lines only within a module or are you
looking for the entire number of lines that would be equivalent to record (working storage) Database Records, Included code

This is significant if your shop uses include modules. So just counting the
process lines of code will not give you a complete picture of how big the
dialogs are, it will tell you how big the process module is without
expanding the include code.

Also, since dialogs have multiple processes attached to them, you'd have to
know what process modules belong to what dialog. If you only count the
process code, then you will have to gather up and group the modules into the
actual ""dialog source""

Another way to do this might be to run an ADSO report for the dialog and
only include in the options those types of expanded code you want to count.
SXREF for example would probably not be necessary as you don't want to count
the cross reference. But things like summary or records might be in or out
depending on how you're going to look at it. Minimally, including processes
would ensure that your code is expanded and each dialog's process code is
grouped together. You could then count the number of lines in the report.
If you run all the reports at once, look for a divider between the reports
like DIALOG...: in the summary header. You can dump the output onto a PC
and use the tools there to manipulate the output. (Better minds than mine
can probably tell you how)

I guess my final question is what are you going to do with the line counts
once you get them? Is it possible to use dialog load module size for the
analysis you're looking for? If so, turn off symbol and diagnostic tables
to get accurate size. Just a thought.

Hope this helps

Linda Casey
Run Right, LLC.