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Is anyone else in this fix?

I want to move from IDMS 14.1 to IDMS R16 but there have been several
hundred APARS since SP4 came out last summer. I really don't relish the
thought of doing a massive APAR accept - the amount of time would be
considerable and the chances of an error during the process is
non-linear (albeit, probably geometric rather than exponential). I have
been able to get management to hold off on the R16 install until SP5
comes along but it continues to get harder to convince them.

I have contacted CA several times and the SP5 issue dates continue
marching toward the elusive end of the rainbow (end of March then April
then May - I haven't tried recently but maybe end of June is a good

Any advice from those that are waiting for SP5?

Gene Verinder
Alliance Data Systems
Outsourcers for Dresser, Inc.

2007-05-29, 16:42:42
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Re: Flat packing an IDMS database
"I don't think you will get much value from dropping the database down to
another platform unless you have some form of schema that can be used to
make ""logical"" sense out of the ""physical"" data. In such an environment
any ad-hoc reporting would be just that - and you would need a tool that
would access the database files using the schema/dmcl logical to
physical mapping. Basically none of your mainframe application code will
be of any use to you as a starting point for doing an extract or
creating a report.

Something that would make more sense would be to do a ""once off"" ETL
from IDMS on the mainframe to some flavour of SQL that you could use one
or another of the plethora of DWH type reporting tools for the ad-hoc

Another solution would be to take a ""complete system backup"": OS, IDMS
libraries, application libraries, database files. If the site requires
access to the data at some point in the future they could lease a DR
site for a period of time and do a complete restore. They would need to
organise LMP keys for the software to activate the various bits and
pieces (not just CA software but any other software that would be out of

The retention of an IDMS database for potential ""future"" reference, for
an unknown purpose, at an unknown point in time has been highly
problematic since my first experiences with database systems in the
1970's - and I don't think the issues have changed much - except that we
now have the offload to a mid-range SQL database option which wasn't
there in the ""good old days"". ;-)

HTH - cheers - Gary