Re: Flat packing an IDMS database

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 31, 2007

If the requirement does not exist for the existing application to
continue to read the data, but only future apps and or reporting tools,
the conversion of the database into a relational format (db2, oracle,
ms-sql, etc) is not an overly onerous task. I have performed the task
on several occasions here using COBOL to extract and format the data
into flat files and generate keys for VIA record sets. I use the
standard load utilities that come with the relational products to get
the data back into the new databases.

The database that I currently work with is relatively small, 74 record
types, 60 areas, etc. We have many programs that use the data so the
desire to move away from IDMS is low, but they want to use the new tools
to produce reports, etc.

If you want more info on how I do it, give me a call at 780-409-2219.

Vince Jensen.