Re:Re: Test Fix for LE/370 Programs running with IBM apar PK28112

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 31, 2007
FYI. We have usermods available to address this problem. Please contact
support if you would like to have access to these usermods.

00006 PROBLEM SYMPTOM: LE/370 programs abend T03C while in ESTAE
00007 Clients who have upgraded to z/OS 1.9 or who have

00008 have applied IBM apar PK28112 to IBM module
00009 on applicable releases of z/OS will receive T03C

00010 abends for LE/370 programs which are in ESTAE

00011 processing.

TC23407 R16.2 SP2+
TC23408 R16.0 SP0 and SP1
TC18409 15.0 All