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No, you won't see that multiple executions of DBL4 are possible because
nobody ever thought to write it down. But if you read what DBL4 does
(possibly release 5 or 10 documentation) you will find that all it does
is read a file sorted in DBKEY sequence and put values into the pointer

You will find in rel 15 documentation the note that, if DBL4 abends, all
one does is rerun it from DBL4 as long as the input file has been saved.
That is because DBL4 is a simple read/write program. It doesn't know
what it is reading, it just takes the pointer information and puts it
where it is told to. So if one uses the G00V00 option on the DD
statement and restricts the step execution to a single specific reel of
tape, then one can run as many executions of DBL4 simultaneously as one
has reels.

This was not my idea, it was developed by a very skilled senior DBA at
GE who was part of this list the last that I knew. I would share his
name but would rather let him acknowledge it if he wants to. I just
know that it worked the last time that I tried it using rel 15 and can't
think of how it could stop working given the architecture of U/R that I
first used back in 77. I think that it was probably release 3).

One additional comment, 4 years ago I came across a 16 file area nearly
full that couldn't be expanded because some pages were already logically
full but when I analyzed how it was growing, it was nearly sequential in
growth and all I had to do was extend it.

John Wheeler

--- Mike Baker <mikebaker345@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
John & Laura,

We are still on R15 SP5, so no luck there. As for multiple DBL4 steps,
this would save some time. However I cannot see any mention in the
manuals that this is even possible (in R15).

NB: Our big Area is in six files, and no more Expand Pages are
possible, so we need to Unload/Reload sometime, increase the number of
files, and reduce the Page size.

Thanks for your feedback; its appreciated. Cheers
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Dialogs with diagnostic table turned on
"Hi, All.

I've been given the task of identifying all our dialogs that have the
diagnostic and/or symbolic tables turned on.

I have been unable to find a command or job that will allow me to do
this easily.

Does anyone have a method I can use other than going into each and every
dialog to check?

Thanks in advance,

Allen Riddle

Department of Revenue

State of Iowa

(515) 281-3973

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Re: Dialogs with diagnostic table turned on

If you use Culprit or I suppose OLQ then look at the PROGCMT_050 records
in the IDD. The 11th byte is the Symbol Table Indicator value S and the
13th is the Diagnostic Table Indicator with a value of D. If these
values are blank then you can ignore them.

Chris Wood
Alberta Department of Energy