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This is only happening on dbkeys with very high page
numbers. Right? When the page number is greater than
8,388,607 (x'7fffff'), the high order bit in the dbkey
is on, so it is a negative number.

Rich Kurzawski
--- ""Cates, Joe"" <Joe_Cates@MCPSMD.ORG> wrote:
I have written a number of COBOL Table Procedures
over the past several
years to help with data migration to a relational
database. These Table
Procedures use EDBC and have performed well. There
is now a need to
include the DBKEY, in a decimal format, as an
additional column. There
is an unusual situation with the computed key in
that the page number is
correct but the line isn't. For example, a DBKEY
that should compute to
page 1234 and line 56 gives 1234 for the page and
944 for the line. Line
57 computes to 943, 58 to 942 etc. The work around
is to subtract the
line number from 1000 to get the correct result. I
have an open issue
with CA and was given some instructions to create a
version of CEEUOPT
and link it with my program to allow for TRAP=OFF.
The program was
altered to do a zero divide to cause an ABEND. The
job is to run locally
to produce a SYSMDUMP. The systems programmer
followed those
instructions but we are unable to produce the
required dump. The other
frustrating situation is we are unable to get the
CEEUOPT to resolve via
an INCLUDE. Any suggestions??


Joe S Cates, Database Analyst II

Systems Architecture and Operations
Database Management/Unix Administration

Montgomery County Public Schools

Rockville, MD 20850


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Re: Computed DBKEY from a SQL Table Procedure
"I don't think it would matter. We ran into the problem many years ago with regular COBOL programs (both DC and batch). Perhaps the compile options were different for the table procedures versus normal COBOL programs.

Dan Miley
Lockheed Martin