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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 2, 2007
Hi -

Has anyone used Advantage CA-IDMS Data Extractor Option and if so - what
is your opinion on it. Is it easy to use? Can selected data be
extracted based on a Calc key. Can it retrieve every record type
associated with that Calc key? We have approxiamately 150 different
record types on the database, can Data Extractor easily retreive all the
record types that are associated from a specific entry point via set
connections ect..

We are wanting to extract data to mirror production, including every
piece of data that pertains to a specific Person Id.

Thanks for any input!
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Re: Data Extractor
"Hello Ruth

You didn't say specifically why you want to mirror your production database,
but are you aware of products such as DB-Image from Cogito (and Virtual/DB
from ASG) which allow you to create virtual images of entire databases
without the associated DASD cost?

Using such tools, each developer/tester etc. can have their own virtual
image of an entire database. Virtual image databases can be used for
testing/QA/training etc. in the same way as real databases. Only updated
database pages require physical space.

This may be an alternative solution for you.

All the best

Gary Bronziet
Cogito Ltd