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Hi -=20

Has anyone used Advantage CA-IDMS Data Extractor Option and if so - what =
is your opinion on it. Is it easy to use? Can selected data be =
extracted based on a Calc key. Can it retrieve every record type =
associated with that Calc key? We have approxiamately 150 different =
record types on the database, can Data Extractor easily retreive all the =
record types that are associated from a specific entry point via set =
connections ect..=20

We are wanting to extract data to mirror production, including every =
piece of data that pertains to a specific Person Id. =20

Thanks for any input! =20
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Extraction of CAS data from IDMS into SQL
"Good morning fellow listees -

As a CAS shop, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall for us that - sooner or later - we're going to have to move to some other ERP system.

Furthermore, it's practically a foregone conclusion that, whatever system this ends up being, it will likely be built on top of some form of SQL or, at the very least, will be ""loadable"" from an SQL environment, and any data-warehousing solution that we may wish to implement would likely be SQL-able as well.

Given the above, we need to begin looking at methods of migrating our data out of IDMS into SQL as a ""neutral format"" for lack of a better term, from which we will eventually load our ""new"" ERP database, whatever it ends up being, and likely leave the remainder as a ""data warehouse"" or at least the beginnings of one.

To this end, has anyone on this list had any experience with vendors and/or their products that would be useful to us towards this end? While experience with IDMS data in general is not unimportant, I'm especially curious if anyone has any experience in doing this with a CAS database as well.

I'm looking for basic information as well as recommendations, however if you have any damning testimony it's probably better to send that to me off-list. :)

TIA for all responses,


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Re: Extraction of CAS data from IDMS into SQL
"I would not recommend extracting data into INSERT SQL statements as that
would be very inefficient. I would recommend extracting the data into
flat files for use by the loader utility of whatever your target
database is going to be.

DEMI/DB from ISP is a data extraction tool that might your needs
( Or you could write your programs or use another

You didn't mention if you only wanted to keep historical info on the
IDMS database or if you needed to keep it in sync with the ERP target.
If you do need to keep it sync, you can write your own replication
software (like we did) or use DARSTRAN (also from ISP).

Dan Miley
Lockheed Martin