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Hi Listers:

I'll tell 'ya, I get some real beauts.

We have a batch cobol program that runs in our dev and test environment
fine. In production it gets a S0C4 sometimes.

Other times it runs. When we insert the dev loadlib in front of the
production loadlib we run it again and it works!!!

When I migrate this program from dev to test the cobol compiler step
always returns 00. When I migrate it to production

the cobol compiler step always returns an 04.

The difference in the production cobol compile is this message but it is
only a warning:

8022 IGYOP3091-W Code from ""procedure name 4162-STRIP-PO-PT"" to ""EXIT
(line 8049.01)"" can never be executed and was therefore discarded.

The only difference between production with dev and test environments is
that I have a zap trap in rhdccsa from level2. but L2 has assured me
this has no affect as far as the batch job goes. That makes sense being
the S0C4 is in the batch region. This batch job is a local mode
retrieval job.

Does anyone have any clues or suggestions? Is a compiler option causing
this? Is it a cobol system parameter? Anything else?

We are 15.0 sp5.


J. Wayne Doneker

BAE Systems

York Pa.,

717 225 8109

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Re: S0C4 batch cobol IDMS
"What compiler and version are you using John?

Chris Wood
Alberta Department of Energy