Re: 2 PDE copies in memory

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 31, 2007
I guess the point is Ed, that there are situations when IDMS picks the
wrong PDE and a dcmt v d pro or dcmt v pro disable does not target the
wanted PDE. That's why some dba's were between a rock and a hard place
and varied the bad pde's memory so it's out of the picture. I dont
remember the exact details, but I have seen a situation like that years
ago, with CA on the phone, we couldn't shake a bad PDE either. Then,
there was no fallout. But that was so long ago, I dont remember the
IDMS release, could have been 10.0 or 12.0.

Lutz Petzold

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Re: Pro's & Con's of Multiple Target and DLIB Zones in SMP/E
"We essentially do the same thing. 1 set of SMP/E libraries an 1 set of
libraries (DBA custom load lib + temporary APAR/PTF ""test"" library.)

Our biggest problem is the customized exits that are different between
our large and small CV's. When any APAR/PTF goes against one of the
load modules affected by the customized code, we essentially have to
backout previously applied apars and reapply (twice) to get things in
their proper order. Ugh!


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