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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 11, 2007
I believe there are many applications that execute ads dialogs
by=0D=0Asysg= enning the dialog name as a task and invoking adosrun1 as
the=0D=0Aprogram= =2E That's a tried and proven method I think=2E
However, that's not=0D=0A= the same as calling or linking to an adso
dialog, as starting a task can=0D= =0Aonly be done with a return
next-task code 'xxxx'=2E there is a method= =0D=0Athough, because i've
seen adso start a task/program in the cics regio= n,=0D=0Abelieve it or
not, and they in turn started on in the idms region= =2E
UDAS=0D=0Aanyone? I dont remember the details, but I remember reading=
up on it in=0D=0Athe manuals=2E=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0ALutz
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Re: IDMS communicating with more than 1 LPAR

Richard, we have done this using IDMS-DDS (Distributed Database System)
for nearly twenty years.

The mechanics are not very complicated and it generally works well.
Performance for the requestor system is not as good as running on the
native LPAR but not bad for apps which are not I/O intensive. We do
heavy batch on the native LPARs and online apps across the DDS
system-to-system links.

The biggest problem we see is an occasional VTAM communications glitch
which can take a DDS comm link down. This requires a reset of the DDS
link (vary off/on) to reactivate.

If you want details, please contact me directly.

Hal Govan

Senior Database Administrator

Phone: (937) 865-7820