Re:CPU Increase

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 12, 2007
Hello All:

I assume expanding an area will result in increased runtime, I/O, and
CPU time, especially if performing area sweeps.

Can anyone provide a percentage of increase that one would expect to
see in runtime, I/O and CPU if we doubled the size of an area?

Is there a rule of thumb that can be used?

Bill Allen

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Re: CPU Increase

This is very difficult to determine because each area is different
because of the different types of information that is stored in the area
and how it is stored and accessed.
Most of the time after I resize an area I see a decrease in I/O and CPU
for jobs that run against the area. The decrease is usually caused by
getting better clustering, a lot less off page i/o. When I resize an
area I usually increase the size of the page as well as the number of
pages to accommodate the increase in cluster sizes as well as the
increase in clusters.

Dennis Robock

Alberta Department of Energy