Stall waiting for EREECB

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Sometimes a batch run-unit abends with a DC001003 abend (stalled waiting
for EREECB). There is no further information on the IDMS log. The ECB
is of course long gone by the time we are looking at this. According to
the message definition, this abend can be caused by exceeding the
inactive interval, the internal wait time, or the external wait time.
That covers a lot of possibilities. Is there any way to get more
information (after the fact) about what the run-unit was waiting for?

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Re: Stall waiting for EREECB
"Adding on to Lutz and Pete's comments:

If you have a non-zero CHECK USER value in the sysgen, you can eliminate
batch abends or other exits without a FINISH as the problem. CHECK USER
sets up OS tasks that provide tripwires for batch rununits that terminate
without saying goodbye.

Some common causes:
Use of internal sorts; executed between the BIND and the FINISH
Console messages not timely replied to
Highly loaded CPU with batch running at very low priority
EXTERNAL WAIT set too low
Program terminates without FINISH and no CHECK USER mechanism

Don Casey