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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 10, 2007
i wonder ... when one installs DB2, there is a required IMS peice -
even of you do not own IMS - so I wonder if all the DB2 shops with
the required IMS count towards that 95%
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Re: IMS Approaching 40 years availability
"I did a BOMP to ISAM conversion once. We used Total-like interface to
provide the same functionality for both file organisation types (keyed
access, sequential access, etc) - requests were ""data independent"" from
the application point of view because the developer nominated which
elements to return for each record type - we could switch from one
access method to another by re-linking the application with either the
BOMP or ISAM access module. This was 1972-73 - IT was still fun in those
days ;-)

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