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I hope I am doing this correctly. This is my first time posting to

Here is my problem:

We added a new index area to an existing record and modified the
segment/DMCL for the new index. We modified the schema with the new
index and then ran the IDMSTBLU to build the new index. The problem is
that before we ran the IDMSTBLU we ran a space report and had 95% space
available on the new index. But, after running IDMSTBLU, the space
available goes down to 7%. The key for the new index is 55 characters
and when we created the file for the new index it is 2 tracks and Lrecl
is 3172. Do we need to increase the size of the index? We are not sure
what is causing this.

Lisa.Schaffner@navy. mil
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Connections and Sturcture diagrams.
"I still cannot access any archives there. I guess the magic button
wasn't pushed for me even though I registered.

Some other comments on structure diagrams. Nothing automated here, but
MicroGraphics was used in the past. It's pretty difficult to use
though, IMO. We have since went over to Visio, which is much simpler,
for new structures.

I also have one of the old DBMS rubber stamps, and it still works!


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:14:25 +1030
From: ""Cherlet, Gary (JTS)"" <Cherlet.Gary@SAUGOV.SA.GOV.AU>
Subject: The Legendary Lost Issue of IUA Connections - Winter 2005

IUA Connections Winter 2005 is a ""bumper"" issue - lots of content, and a
wide range of subjects. Unfortunately it was also the last for a long
time, and because of the timing Brock Shaw got as far as sending copies
out to the contributors - but the issue was never ""published"".

Many thanks to Kay Rozeboom who pointed that out, and thanks too for
providing me with a copy. Her e-mail explained why I had received so
many blank looks when I claimed that the last issue before this year's
had been in 2005 - as the last published issue was actually back in fall

In any event - when I received my copy in 2005 I thought it had been
released and forwarded it to my OZIUA mailing list (which includes sites
in SE Asia) - so this part of the world has seen the issue but most of
North America and Europe has never had a chance - until now that is.=20

I am pleased to announce that the Winter 2005 edition of IUA Connections
is now available for download at the IUA web site:

Once signed in to the site - go to ""Archives"" and ""Connections"".

Enjoy - cheers - Gary=20

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Re: Index Space Problem

You posted just fine.

What you/we need to know for index sizing calculations are:

1. How many records are you intending to have indexed (maximum).
2. How big is the key (55 bytes I believe you said.)
3. How many index levels do you want in your index.
4. How big is the page of the index area (new?)
5. Did/Will you specify a page reserve on the index load? (Be sure
to remove the page reserve after the index is built.)
6. How much free space did you want to have in your index when the
load was/is complete?

For any of us to help as to what happened, we also need to know what IBC
you specified.

It sounds from your posting that you sized your index for exactly the
number of records you were storing without regard for growth.


Richard Pierce
(617) 973-8911