Re: QO93022 and QO93036

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Dec 18, 2007
The problem was reported by one client.
TESTING can be done if you want as follows:

Run a batch job to list the directory of the loadlib.
Use the output and make each line read LOOK DATES=pgmname
and add that as a CLIST called LOADEM in the CV (use IDD) dictionary.
Make the XA reentrant pool small in the sysgen and after the
system comes up, modify the sysgen to add a little more
storage to the XA reentrant pool. Then do VARY SYSGEN REFRESH ALL
Then, enter:
CLIST LOADEM at the Enter Next Task Code prompt.
This should cause the problem.
Then apply apar and try again.
Problem should not happen then.
Regards, ed mckinney