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We have been doing some Convert Page's recently, and have some more to
do soon. In the Utility manual, it says;

""If an area that is being converted has a cross-area set or linked
constraint, then you must convert all areas touched by the set or link.
You must determine what files are affected, and therefore what files
must be converted.""

We got burnt by this in Test, as in one of our Convert Page jobs,
several Areas/Files were accidently omitted, and it was not noticed
until a User was trying to navigate the database, and it just said,
""Read Error'. It was subsequently backed out and re-done correctly.

What I want to know, and would appreciate feedback on, is if this
happened in production, and we (for eg.) converted Areas ""A"", ""B"", and
""C"". But only later (to late to back anything out) we discovered that we
should have also included Area ""D"" in the Convert Page job, how would we
fix this?? Would an OBTAIN, DELETE, and STORE (of the obtained record)
of all the records in Area ""D"" fix the problem??

Thank you.
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Re: Convert Page
"Because you have changed the dbkyes in area A B C it wil not be possible to do any erase or unload reload on area D.
All the pointers in area D that point to records in area A/B/C wil be wrong.

If it concerns via records it is possible to read the records that are linked to owners in area A/B/C with a user written program and after that init are D and restore the records. But the last record in the via set wil have a wrong next pointer.

Ofload and reload saves dbkeys and some of them wil be wrong.

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