Setting upper and lower case from within an application

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 16, 2008
I am looking into allowing lower case characters for the password field
in our application signon screen. The application is designed to use
only upper case characters where the inital setting (DCUF SET UPPER) is
in effect for the entire application. I have seen in the Map Read/Write
Options for the Field definition series of screens in MAPC the setting
""Translate to upper case"" but this is not required (and has not been
set) because the overall setting is to UPPER. When I use ""DCUF SET
UPLOW"" I can key in both upper and lower case characters into the
application screens.

However, the amount of effort to change every alphanumeric entry field
in the application to ""Translate to upper case"" would be unacceptable if
the overall setting was ""DCUF SET UPLOW"".

The question I have is whether there is a way to issue the ""DCUF SET
UPPER"" with an application call so I can have the first signon screen
execute as DCUF SET UPLOW and then for all other application screens
have DCUF SET UPPER active. Alternatively, is there any other approach
that I can use to isolate the change required to support both upper and
lower case to the signon screen only?


Tim Williams
Alberta Department of Justice

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Re: Setting upper and lower case from within an application
"Thanks for the response - I have been clued into the callable service manual and RHDCUF00. It should be straightforward to issue DCUF SET UPPER from the application.