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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 25, 2008
I know that turning on diagnostics and symbol table in production causes
an increase in CPU and storage use. Does it also cause and increase in
I/O - maybe scratch or queue records?

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Re: FW: diagnostics and symbol table

If you have PERFMON, can't you see where the I/O is happening? Run the
dialog in test with symbol and diagnostic tables on and check what's
happening, then run it with them off and see what's different. Might not
really show anything, but then again, it's worth a try.

If you run with debugger or ADS/Alive active, i.e. breakpoints set, then
there is I/O to the dictionary, but since this is in production and there
shouldn't be any debugging going on there, I doubt if it's dictionary I/O.
I think Tommy's right, the much larger dialog load module size could be
causing I/O.

Also, keep in mind that since an interpreted dialog will run slower than a
dialog without symbol tables on, the entire system will slow down. This
additional execution time could cause data to no longer be in the buffers so
data that the dialog read in would need to be read again. The mix is dynamic
so it's going to be hard to pinpoint.

This is all theoretical since we don't know where the I/O has been