Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] Diagnostics and Symbol tables - another

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 1, 2008

It's been a while since I've dealt with any of this here's how I
remember it working. The symbol/diagnostic flag is in the load module
but when it abends it will try to go to the dictionary it was compile in
to find the source. If you compile your dialog in the test dictionary
with diagnostics then move it to your prod loadlib run out of the prod
loadlib here's what I think happens. When the dialog abends it will try
to find the process source in the dictionary it was compiled against.
More than likely you don't have the test dictionary defined to your
production IDMS so you will get an error when it tries to get the
process source. I think maybe it's a 1472 but I don't really remember.
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Re: Writing to a queue from a COBOL subprogram
"Here's something you may want to consider.

I assume the problem here is you have three run-units (yours, the queue
run-unit, and the run-unit from the calling program).

You need something to signal you want to keep the results of the queue work,
hence the FINISH TASK.

The problem is that it FINISHes ALL run-units, including the one from the
calling program. If you DON'T tell IDMS you're done with the queue work, it
will get rolled back at step termination.


If you are willing to issue a COMMIT TASK (followed by a FINISH for your
run-unit), you should ensure what you've done with the queue to that point
stays put (at end of your batch program IDMS may complain about you not
FINISHing the queue run-unit, but it MAY be OK).

The consideration here is the impact of the COMMIT TASK on the calling
run-unit; if it is an update run-unit you won't be able to automatically
recover back prior to the COMMIT if an abort happens. This is likely not
acceptable. If it's a retrieval run-unit you may be OK with this approach.

For what it's worth.

Don Casey
Run Right, LLC