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Did you find the IDMS Programmers? I have worked with IDMS since 1985 as
well as DB2. Thanks, Joan --- ""Petzold, Lutz"" wrote: > It depends.
Theoretically, there are a LOT of > IDMS/ADSO programmers around. > More
then C+ and Java I'd say. And they switch jobs > less often too I think.
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Hello IDMSers. Just to satisfy my curiosity, how > difficult do you
think it > would be to recruit IDMS capable programmers, > analysts etc?
We have ongoing > debates here regarding the impossibility of doing >
this. Is it really so in > the real world? You can email me directly.
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I read today that the United States is the third most popular
destination for offshore outsourcing among British CIOs, after India and
China. The way the economy is going and salaries are dropping India and
China may start outsourcing work back to us. We are, after all,
descending into third-world status. I guess there's hope after all.
Of course, we'll likely be making only pennies per hour. I think bitter
may be putting things mildly - feeling like doomsday is lurking on the
horizon would be more appropriate.