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It's all in the money. Off shore work cost's next to nothing. The same
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IDMS-L@LISTSERV.IUASSN.COM Subject: Re: Is this difficult? I think there
are lots of us around but as Lutz mentioned, IDMS has dried up in most
of the more desirable and/or affordable places to live. If companies
would allow telecommuting they would never have a problem getting
people. It fascinates me that they have no problem shipping jobs off to
India and China but don't trust their own citizens to work remotely.
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find the IDMS Programmers? I have worked with IDMS since 1985 as well as
DB2. Thanks, Joan --- ""Petzold, Lutz"" wrote: > It depends.
Theoretically, there are a LOT of > IDMS/ADSO programmers around. > More
then C+ and Java I'd say. And they switch jobs > less often too I think.
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Hello IDMSers. Just to satisfy my curiosity, how > difficult do you
think it > would be to recruit IDMS capable programmers, > analysts etc?
We have ongoing > debates here regarding the impossibility of doing >
this. Is it really so in > the real world? You can email me directly.
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Re: Is this difficult?
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I believe Dell couldn't get enough people to work in Edmonton. However
if they had moved their call center to California, Florida, somewhere
with a nicer climate, I'm sure they would have found people to work
there. Companies offshore because they can and the stockholders make a
fortune. When I first came to the US from Canada in 1984, the US looked
out for it's employees. It took me nine years to get a greencard and I
still had to prove I was not taking a job from an American.
I recently worked on a short IDMS contract which allowed telecommuting
and IDMS programmers came out of the woodwork, from everywhere. There
are still allot of us around that aren't in retirement homes.

Margaret Sliming
Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC
Commercial Systems

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Has anyone considered that a major reason for off shoring is
that there is a shortage of quality/qualified IT professionals in North
America? The recent development where the schools/universities are
putting less emphasis on math and sciences result in fewer individuals
trained in the technical professions. High school grads are not going
into the technical professions because of the impression that IT people
are nerds. Some universities have reduced their class offerings in the
sciences. The growth in IT and the reduction in tech grads means staff
shortages. The projection here in Canada is that we currently have a
shortfall of 50,000 qualified IT people and that number will only grow.
Dell recently closed a call center here in Edmonton and moved to
positions off shore --- because they couldn't get the staff. Net result:
Don't sweat off shoring. If you are intelligent, ambitious, don't mind
being considered a nerd, and put the effort into remaining
current/relevant there will continue to be a job for you in IT for the
foreseeable future. If on the other hand, you sit on your laurels, whine
about the paradigm shift, and not update your skill set, you will become
dated/obsolete, and you may very well be sidelined. IT professionals are
in control of our own future. We just need to exercise this control.
Vince Jensen DBA, CGI
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Re: Is this difficult?
"Hear! Hear!


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