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It's all in the money. Off shore work cost's next to nothing. The same
problem applies to retraining. Dick Richard Pierce (617) 973-8911 -----Original Message----- From: IDMS Public
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are lots of us around but as Lutz mentioned, IDMS has dried up in most
of the more desirable and/or affordable places to live. If companies
would allow telecommuting they would never have a problem getting
people. It fascinates me that they have no problem shipping jobs off to
India and China but don't trust their own citizens to work remotely.
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find the IDMS Programmers? I have worked with IDMS since 1985 as well as
DB2. Thanks, Joan --- ""Petzold, Lutz"" wrote: > It depends.
Theoretically, there are a LOT of > IDMS/ADSO programmers around. > More
then C+ and Java I'd say. And they switch jobs > less often too I think.
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Hello IDMSers. Just to satisfy my curiosity, how > difficult do you
think it > would be to recruit IDMS capable programmers, > analysts etc?
We have ongoing > debates here regarding the impossibility of doing >
this. Is it really so in > the real world? You can email me directly.
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Re: Is this difficult?
Companies are buying off the shelf software thinking it will be the
perfect solution. They spend more money than it would cost to train and
pay a complete staff to write new systems because they think this will
be cheaper. I have worked with off the shelf software. After you are
hooked on the product with no way out they will keep raising the price,
updating and changing the software in so many directions that it will
cause terrible problems for the user.

There currently is a popular software product that does everything
but wash dishes. I have heard many complaints about the product and seen
companies try to squish and kick it into a perfect fit, this is nothing
new. I have been in my career long enough to have seen packaged software
for large companies fail before, the idea has pass by this way more than
once and it was tossed into the trash at a very high learning price.
Package software has its place on the PC and for small non volatile use;
you can't hit a moving target with packaged software. Companies have
centralized and decentralized hoping to eliminate cost and speed up
production, mean while IT workers have lost their jobs to lousy ideas.
Everyone thinks that they are smarter than the last generation, most
aren't. We should just quit reusing bad ideas.

The changes will not affect my career, I will retire soon. I feel
sorry for the younger workers having to face these conditions. Between
out sourcing and package software I can see why the younger generation
does not want to join IT; it is an unsteady work sector with no future.