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It's all in the money. Off shore work cost's next to nothing. The same
problem applies to retraining. Dick Richard Pierce (617) 973-8911 -----Original Message----- From: IDMS Public
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IDMS-L@LISTSERV.IUASSN.COM Subject: Re: Is this difficult? I think there
are lots of us around but as Lutz mentioned, IDMS has dried up in most
of the more desirable and/or affordable places to live. If companies
would allow telecommuting they would never have a problem getting
people. It fascinates me that they have no problem shipping jobs off to
India and China but don't trust their own citizens to work remotely.
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find the IDMS Programmers? I have worked with IDMS since 1985 as well as
DB2. Thanks, Joan --- ""Petzold, Lutz"" wrote: > It depends.
Theoretically, there are a LOT of > IDMS/ADSO programmers around. > More
then C+ and Java I'd say. And they switch jobs > less often too I think.
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Hello IDMSers. Just to satisfy my curiosity, how > difficult do you
think it > would be to recruit IDMS capable programmers, > analysts etc?
We have ongoing > debates here regarding the impossibility of doing >
this. Is it really so in > the real world? You can email me directly.
Thanks. > > Joe S Cates, C.C.P. > Database Analyst > Office of Global
Access Technology > Montgomery County Public Schools > Rockville, MD
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confidential or privileged > information. If you > think you have
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Indexing Key Words in Free Form Text
"Has anybody ever heard of, or built, an application that will allow you
to parse free form text in an IDMS database and identify different
categories of key words - then build one or more indexes of those key
words (e.g.. one index per category)?

For instance the parser might identify what looks like an address or a
name in a witness statement - the address would go into an address index
and the name would go into a name index. The system would need to be
easily extendible so that we could do the same thing for phone numbers
and then other categories of words that the parser is trained to

We would then want a search engine that would identify when one or more
words in each of several indexes all occur in the same witness statement
(for example). We have lots of free form text in our IDMS databases for
a wide range of purposes, but it is not useful in an analytical sense
(data mining to use an overworked phrase). The process would be very
much like a query in an (partially) inverted database - if that helps to
describe what I'm looking for.

If you never never ask - you'll never never know!

TIA - cheers - Gary

Gary Cherlet
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Issues with IDMS 16.0 Service Pack Six
"Hello All:

I just thought that I would drop a note to the list regarding a recent 16.0
SP6 Upgrade that I have been performing.

First let me say that I did not have a single issue with the installation
itself, IDMS or Tools.

The only real problem that I had after the installation was that we kept
receiving LMP warning messages for product ""GT"" this is the SQL Option, we
did not install the SQL Option so this was a real mystery.

After working with our excellent IDMS Support Staff it was determined that
the SQL Version of IDMSSPSQ was delivered in an SMP/E RELFILE and this was
resolved by applying QO96265 which by the way is a total replacement for the
IDMSSPSQ load module.

Once that was resolved everything was up and running fine. This was a Full
install of the Service pack six base installation tape.

Now, since we are NOT allowed to talk about third party products on this
list I will describe the problems that we had with a third party product but
I will not name the product. You can call me or E-mail me directly for this

1. At startup we received an S-0C1 it was determined that we needed to
upgrade this product to be compatible with IDMS 16, so the Client's System
Programming Staff received the installation materials and installed the
upgrade, after that the IDMS CV would come up with no problems during start
2. In testing we were getting a D003 in IDBCAT, followed by a system
module program checked near RHDCSTAT at offset 64C, then the CV crashed with
a 3970 recursive abend. The Developers with performing a CLIST that DCUFED
them to one of three development data bases, after that they went into OLQ
and this is when the problem occurred.
3. Two APAR's were received from the Vendor that resolved this problem.
4. This Vendors Support was Excellent.

Currently our IDMS 16.0 SP6 System is up and running and all is well, the
developers have been hammering at it for two days now.

Prior to this 16.0 SP6 Upgrade we were running IDMS 15.0 Service Pack Five
for IDMS and Tools.

William M. Allen, Jr.

ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.

(704) 641-0296
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"Hello All:

I was asked by a client's user support group to provide them with a brief

training session of the IDMS database structure and tips for creating

OLQ reports. When I tried creating some sample OLQ reports using the MENU

Mode of OLQ, I noticed that some of the OLQ options were not available to

me. Thus, I was unable to create the desired OLQ reports.

One OLQ option that was not available from MENU mode is the option to ""

Alter database access strategy - Linkage"". This option is needed when

walking owners/members with multiple sets. For example, the PART-MASTER

and PROD-STRUCTURE records are connected via the following sets:




When I initially create an OLQ report to obtain PART-MASTER and

PROD-STRUCTURE members, it appears that the PART-WHERE-USED set is selected

as the default in OLQ. I need to change the OLQ report to use the

PART-COMPONENT set. In the past, I used option ""Alter database access

strategy - Linkage"" to change the database strategy in OLQ. When I select

this option now, the list is empty. Below is what is displayed when I

select this option:

CA-OLQ *** Linkage Select


-> Page of

45000 Select relationship and press the ENTER key.

Selected Relationship Number


Set Name Owner Name Member Name

Is this a Release 16.0 bug or is this option not allowed due to options

defined to my user id in the dictionary or the OLQ Statement in the SYSGEN?

As always any help would be appreciated.

The ACCESS is OLQSQL in the OLQ Statement in the System Generation and in my
user id the ACCESS IS OLQSQL.

If I change it to IDMSSQL then it will NOT let me select any Subschema's,
only Tables.

What happened to the Linkage Screen?

William M. Allen, Jr.

ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.

(704) 641-0296
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"Bill, this is an R16 bug, as you suspected. It is fixed in SP4. For SP2 or SP3, you can apply TF24500. For SP0 or SP1, I think you need QO68947.