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Hi and Thanks Brian, Jennifer, and John,

It was many, many, many years back that I sat on a plane for hours next to a
brain surgeon. We exchanged stories and information about our careers. He
explained to me the workings of the human brain (at a level I could
understand - not deep). He described the neural network regarding how the
brain stores information and connects it to other related information. He
mentioned it is possible to sweep memory or follow these connections or use
some indexing techniques. I was thinking the Brain is a Model of IDMS...
Oops... IDMS is a model of the Brain. No wonder it's so efficient and
hasn't been surpassed.

So, I believe we need a new slogan --- ""Data Access The Way GOD Intended --

Take Care,

From: Doneker, John W (US SSA)
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I don't know if my original email caused all of this commotion but click
on the below link concerning ""Canadian computer...."" and see some good
news concerning IDMS.


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Google News Alert for: CA-IDMS

Canadian computer ""thinks"", then answers in Welsh
IT Wales - Swansea,Wales,UK
Konrad's application platform is Computer Associates' CA-IDMS (Release
16) network database, the latest and most powerful version of a long
line of network ...
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Re: Google Alert - CA-IDMS
"If you look at the Google article, Derek Smith is noted as a chief
collaborator. He wrote a paper called The IDMS Set Currency and Biological
Memory in 1997. Thanks to Jennifer Bailey who told me about it. Looks like
his research paid off. The paper can be purchased from Amazon UK. From
1982 thru 1989 he designed and supported IDMS and remained a strong

Linda J. Casey
Managing Member
Run Right, LLC