Re: Is this difficult?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 1, 2008
What is a ""qualified"" IT person?

Someone who has every qualification asked for including expertise in
Word, WordPerfect, DB2, IDMS, Oracle, Windows 95/XP/Vista, COBOL,
Assembler, PL/I for a IDMS/COBOL position? Don't have DB2! Unqualified.
Don't have WordPerfect? Unqualified! Don't have PL/I? Unqualified. - for
an IDMS/COBOL position. This is how the game is played.

How many in this highly qualified group started with all the
qualifications they have now, or even were in the technical aspect (DBA
etc.) of the field when they started.

High school people are not going into technical fields because their
qualifications don't last and they will be outsourced.

Employers today want a fully qualified individual with on the job
experience. School training, unless you are just out of university,
doesn't count.


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