Re:Re: Is this difficult?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 1, 2008
Has anyone considered that a major reason for off shoring is that there
is a shortage of quality/qualified IT professionals in North America?
The recent development where the schools/universities are putting less
emphasis on math and sciences result in fewer individuals trained in the
technical professions. High school grads are not going into the
technical professions because of the impression that IT people are
nerds. Some universities have reduced their class offerings in the

The growth in IT and the reduction in tech grads means staff shortages.
The projection here in Canada is that we currently have a shortfall of
50,000 qualified IT people and that number will only grow. Dell
recently closed a call center here in Edmonton and moved to positions
off shore --- because they couldn't get the staff.

Net result: Don't sweat off shoring. If you are intelligent,
ambitious, don't mind being considered a nerd, and put the effort into
remaining current/relevant there will continue to be a job for you in IT
for the foreseeable future. If on the other hand, you sit on your
laurels, whine about the paradigm shift, and not update your skill set,
you will become dated/obsolete, and you may very well be sidelined.

IT professionals are in control of our own future. We just need to
exercise this control.

Vince Jensen