Re: Is this difficult?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 1, 2008
I think Lutz Petzold's point is most relevant. To para-phrase ""...But
when you graduate from your local college with a degree in computer
science, will you get a job at Oracle where you can
learn and grow? No."" You might get you a job where I work, but you will
have 10 - 20 colleagues, equally well-trained, educated and motivated,
all of whom grew up and attended university in China or India.

This is a great deal for my employer. It is not a great deal for
Americans competing for those same jobs. I see this as a labor vs.
capital (i.e. employer) conflict, and the employer has a distinct
advantage here in the US (don't know about Canada, Europe, Singapore,
etc..., in this regard), both in terms of laws AND in the Public Affairs
(propaganda) arena. Letting 'capital' have it's way has a nasty habit
of producing big problems in the USA. Too much 'good for the few, bad
for the many'.

We all got to where we are today through a pipeline from high-school,
university/technical school and experience and then continuing
education. I do not believe that pipeline functions very well today,
unless you're willing to move internationally - often highly