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Hi Wayne:

You're likely to get answers all over the board on this one,
but perhaps that is exactly what you want.

Other than some obvious restraints, like virtual memory,=20
network bandwidth, CPU cycles, etc., I have never heard of
an=20 IDMS system that could not support the maximum
concurrent=20 number of users (albeit I had a lot of fun during
the Cullinet=20 years doing performance and tuning consulting
to achieve=20 exactly that result ;-}} ).

That said, I suspect you may be asking about life in the
'new=20 world', with web services, etc.

I have personally simulated 10K users hitting an ASP page
that=20 connected/retrieved minimum data from an IDMS
database. I=20 don't have all of the details anymore, but the
overall response=20 was about 1.17 seconds running the
simulation for about 15=20 minutes. This was done on CA iron in
2003/2004 on a R14.1 CV.

Of course, it was just a simulation, but it illustrates that=20
you can push a rather large load through a CV if you have=20
enough back-end resources.
Again, just my 2cents...your results WILL vary...

Please feel free to contact me offline (

Tom Schoenborn
TA Schoenborn & Associates LLC

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Does anyone have an idea of the concurrent number of users
IDMS=20 can handle?

J. Wayne Doneker

BAE Systems

York Pa.,

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Re: concurrent users
"or, unless it's chained into multiple LTT's, since this is just a table
header. I dont know that it is though. Could very well not be chained.

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