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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 19, 2008
Lately database encryption has been the topic of some conversation.
The DAR for encryption came in at #4 in the latest DAR balloting.

During the last IDMS Product Line Community (IUA/EIUA) web cast, CA
stated that their position on data encryption was for customers to
utilize DASD hardware encryption or Tape encryption services and that
there were no plans to add database encryption to CA IDMS.

The application of encryption has its place in shops where there is
HIPPA or identity data that the auditors would prefer to have encrypted
on DASD. Encryption would prevent one from TSO browsing a CA IDMS
database file to see raw unencrypted data.

We would like to ask the following questions of the user base to gage
the interest in database encryption. Your answers will only be used for
survey purposes and individual responses will be kept confidential.

Please send your answers in a separate email to

Question #1
Would CA IDMS data encryption (field or record level) be useful at your

Question #2
If the answer to question #1 is yes, how high a priority is CA IDMS data
Low Priority
Medium Priority
High Priority
Super hot, auditors breathing down your neck
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ARCH Consulting 20th Anniversary Announcement
"ARCH Consulting is very proud and pleased to announce our 20th Anniversary.

ARCH has been serving the CA-IDMS Community since June 1988.

The Company was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1988 by three former
Cullinet Software Employees, Charles (Chuck) Goode, David R. Vernon and
William (Bill) Allen, Jr., Charles Goode left the Company in 1990 to pursue
personal interests, David R. Vernon passed away in June of 2002 from complications
of Multiple Myloma (Bone Cancer) we miss him guidance, leadership and
friendship every day.

ARCH continues to provide Onsite CA-IDMS Education and Training. ARCH also
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In 2003 ARCH Consulting entered a strategic business relationship with JML
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We strongly believe that there is a very complimentary relationship between
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We are proud and pleased to be of Service to the IDMS Community for 20 Years
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Storage creep
"Hi everyone,

I'm at that age where somethings seem vaguely familiar but can't
remember, so I'm calling on your help.

I have a production batch job that has been running for years, with no
problems. Has NOT been changed (and I can attest to that). The volume
of the input is a lot higher than normal though. When the job runs,
Pool 128 (contains ALL) goes SOS. Monitoring the job while it's running
shows that locks are being released as the rununits commits, and in
fact, there is not that much database updating going on. However, the
program calls 2 subprograms which each do a BIND RUNUNIT and a FINISH
for each call. So, as the volume of input increases the number of times
the subprograms get called and the number of BIND RUNUNIT/FINISH
increases. When we split the input file into small input files and
reran, it ran okay. Now this is where my memory isn't helping me
much. I seem to recall that there was a problem about storage not being
released in this type of scenario, but cannot find anything on CA
Support. So, I'm hoping this rings a bell to someone out there in
IDMS-L land.

We're running on zOS 1.8, with CA IDMS R16, sp4.

Laura Rochon
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Re: Storage creep
"COMP and DCOM won't release storage unless they are called at AREA level (on
FINISH?) as well.

Don Casey
Run Right, LLC