IUA Connections - call for submissions for September 2008 Issue

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Just as you were starting to wonder how to spend your summer vacation - her=
e's an opportunity to keep busy and do something for the IDMS User Communit=

That's right - I'm back - the IUA C=
onnections ""man from down under"".

This is an open call for people within the IDMS User community to tell us a=
bout anything that you think may be of interest to the rest of the communit=

WHAT do you do with IDMS? Tell us about interesting or unusual applications=
, new developments and/or mission critical applications

HOW do you do it? Provide technical tips for DBA's, hints for application d=
evelopers, change control, project management techniques (e.g. RAD using AD=
S/O for example)

WHY do you do it? What does IDMS or applications built on IDMS/ADS do=
to ""add value to the business""

HISTORY of IDMS - I believe that this year marks 20 years of IUA Connection=
s - does anybody have any interesting stories about IDMS or Connections fro=
m the last 20 years that they might like to share with us?

Could everybody who reads this, who plans to provide an article, please let=
me know ASAP with at least a ""title"" so that we can try to build up a ""tab=
le of contents"" to give us some idea as to how we are going for content. Al=
so, if I know you are planning to submit an article I can send you out the =
""Guidelines for Contributors to Connections"" document, which you will find =
useful to help to minimise your work and reduce duplication of effort by ou=
r publisher. If you would like to make a contribution to Connections I will=
need your completed submission by Monday August 25th (Tuesday 26th in Asia=
-Pacific), for publication in September.

And a special thought for vendors - are you planning on exhibiting at CA-Wo=
rld 2008 in November? If so, why not tell the IDMS User Community that you =
are planning on being there? Placing a =BC page, =BD page or full page ad i=
n the September issue will be a terrific way of letting people know that th=
ey will be able to catch up with you and the latest news on your products a=
t CA-World!

Believe me - the number of positive and enthusiastic comments that come bac=
k from our readers have really pumped me up with enthusiasm to do the next =
issue. Our contributors did so well for the last couple of issues that I am=
sure we can do it again!

Thanks in advance - looking forward to your=
contributions, thoughts and feedback - cheers - Gary

Gary Cherlet
Justice Technology Services
Department of Justice, SA Government

"""""""" Telephone +61 (0)8 8226 5199
@@ Facsimile +61 (0)8 8226 5311
> Mobile +61 (0)41 333 1613

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