Re: [IDMS-L] IDMS Password Length Limited to 8 characters

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 18, 2008
Hi John,

Thanks for the info.

I'm not familiar with the use of PASS PHRASES on z/os and how that could
help the IDMS situation. Guess I need to do some research.

Apparently, the 14 character password initiative resulted from an official
NAVNETWARCOM (NNWC) compliance document safeguarding all NIPRNet (internal
DOD) networks, web servers, and applications.

Looks like it would be beneficial for IDMS to comply.

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From: John Abell

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Subject: Re: IDMS Password Length Limited to 8 characters

One could request support for PASS PHRASES per z/OS. I would think that

would give you enough characters to play with.