Going to the darkside!

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Dear list folks,

It is my sad duty to report that I am leaving the IDMS world.

VF Corporation outsourced its entire database administration
operation on December 31, 2007 (Happy New Year!). We knew it was
coming, but hung on expecting an option with the outsourcer, IBM
Global Services. The option never materialized, so, effective July
21, I have a new DBA slot doing <cough, hack> DB2 UDB at Comdata/
Stored Value Solutions in Louisville, KY.

It has been my great pleasure and honor to be associated with this
wonderful product since 1980 and the IUA for nearly that long, but,
as they say, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Be well, my friends. It has been fun for a very long time.

Alan Fields

P.S. For Chris Hoelscher (and anyone else in the area), starting in
mid-August, my office will be at Oxmoor Center. Drop me an e-mail
with contact information and we'll try to do lunch.
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Re: Going to the darkside!
"Cheer up Alan, working with DB2 is like hanging... you get used to it
after a while. :-)

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Senior Database Administrator
Reed Elsevier - Technology Services
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