Non V 1 DC-COBOL calling Non V 1 DC-COBOL

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I thought that this was fixed many years ago but here goes.

We have a unique situation where a production user can put our CV into a
very tight loop that can only be fixed by cancelling the CV. We have an
ADS dialog that makes a call to a DC-COBOL program that then calls at
least one other DC-COBOL program. Our investigation involves making a
version 2 of the ADS dialog and version 2's of the DC-COBOL programs. I
have created the V0002 entry that points to the load library that the
version 2 loads exist in and run DCMT VDP statements to define them to
the CV. When we run a test the first DC-COBOL program V 2 gets loaded
and executed but then when it calls the next DC-COBOL program it
disables the V 2 load and puts it out of service so it runs the V 1
load. Same happens with the other DC-COBOL program that gets called

We are on z/OS 1.8 running 16 SP1 (0408) with many apars using the 3.4
COBOL compiler.

Other than using V 2 programs the only thing that is different from V 1
of the first DC-COBOL program is the number of SNAP TITLE xxxx from AAAA
to BBBB. Would these snaps cause the problem?


Chris Wood

Alberta Department of Energy

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Re: Non V 1 DC-COBOL calling Non V 1 DC-COBOL
"When you say Cobol ""calling"" Cobol do you mean a Cobol CALL statement or
a DC-Cobol TRANSFER ... RETURN statement - it does make a difference?=20

Does either of the Cobol programs issue any mapping commands?=20

We have a DC-Cobol (""called"" from ADS) that calls 2 other DC-Cobol
programs - each ""call"" uses a different protocol - as below:

transfer GUT0069O XCTL . <<< GUT0069O does it's own
mapping and pseud-converse - for this one we VARY MULTIPLE ENCLAVE OFF
call GUT0068O using DBUTPX03-WORK <<< This one does no
pseudo-converse - we leave MULTIPLE ENCLAVE ON >>>
. =20

There's some documentation about when you can and can't take advantage
of multiple enclaves - which has performance implications - in most
instances you want to run with multiple enclave ON for Cobol run-time
system efficiency.

HTH - cheers - Gary=20

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