Re:Non V 1 DC-COBOL calling Non V 1 DC-COBOL

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I thought that this was fixed many years ago but here goes.

We have a unique situation where a production user can put our CV into a
very tight loop that can only be fixed by cancelling the CV. We have an
ADS dialog that makes a call to a DC-COBOL program that then calls at
least one other DC-COBOL program. Our investigation involves making a
version 2 of the ADS dialog and version 2's of the DC-COBOL programs. I
have created the V0002 entry that points to the load library that the
version 2 loads exist in and run DCMT VDP statements to define them to
the CV. When we run a test the first DC-COBOL program V 2 gets loaded
and executed but then when it calls the next DC-COBOL program it
disables the V 2 load and puts it out of service so it runs the V 1
load. Same happens with the other DC-COBOL program that gets called

We are on z/OS 1.8 running 16 SP1 (0408) with many apars using the 3.4
COBOL compiler.

Other than using V 2 programs the only thing that is different from V 1
of the first DC-COBOL program is the number of SNAP TITLE xxxx from AAAA
to BBBB. Would these snaps cause the problem?


Chris Wood

Alberta Department of Energy

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Re: Non V 1 DC-COBOL calling Non V 1 DC-COBOL

The IDMS Default for using a IDMS-DC protocol is to have autostatus in use.
That's why you are able to use the ON syntax. Try ON ANY-STATUS NEXT
SENTENCE. I'm not sure what continue will do under these circumstances but
next sentence will take you to your IF statement. ANY-STATUS should return
any error status from 0000 through 9999. Just remember there will be errors
generated by IDMS that don't return to the program because the type of
abend. This doesn't sound like your problem.

Another thing to try is DC-Debugger on this program and set a breakpoint
just before or after the offending statement. You can look at anything in
storage you want.


Linda J. Casey, PMP
Managing Member
Run Right, LLC