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Hello All:

Can you share tips for saving CPU Cycles inside the Central Version.

We are running 16.0 SP2 on Z/OS 1.7 very soon to be 1.9. We have a lot of A=
DS/O and a lot of DC-COBOL programs. ON Production we only do a load module=
migration, there is no source code.

I am aware of turning off symbol tables, what about diagnostic Tables? (Lo=
ad Modules Only, in Production)

I am aware of including the Built in Functions in ADSOMAIN.

We are using the High Speed Storage Protection option, we have five storage=
pools, 0,1, 128,129 and 255.

We also have PREFETCH on in the central version as we have very large buff=
er pools, is this a big CPU eater?

Any other things that we can do to save some CPU Cycles?

Bill Allen
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.
(704) 641-0296

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Re: CV Tuning Tips
"A couple more ideas:

1) Create pre-defined run-units for, at a minimum, MSGDICT, SIGNON, SECURITY, SQL SECURITY (if using SQL), and the LOADER for your application dictionary.

2) If you are doing dynamic SQL, turn on SQL caching. If you cannot take advantage of SQL caching (it requires that the programs be coded in a particular way), put the SQL catalog in its own DMCL buffer, large enough to hold all of the pages being used.

3) If you have area sweeps happening in CV mode, put those areas in their own small buffer(s). This will keep the area sweeps from wiping out other buffered data in a shared buffer.

4) Use the 80/20 rule. Figure out which dialogs/programs are using the highest total CPU per day (as opposed to the highest CPU per execution), and concentrate your tuning efforts there.