Copying COBOL code from manuals

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 7, 2008
Does anyone know how to copy COBOL code from the samples in the PDF versions of the manuals? Doing a select, copy, and paste loses the formatting so that all the indented lines are shifted to the left.
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Re: Copying COBOL code from manuals
"Thanks to all who replied to my question. What I found is that to solve th=
is problem, you need special software that converts the text from PDF to so=
me other format. A coworker found a good freeware version at the link belo=
w. I used the ""Some PDF to Word Converter"" option. It doesn't handle all =
images well, but it converts COBOL code beautifully.

My coworker said that you should beware of some of the other supposed freew=
are offers for this type of software. Some contain viruses or spyware, and=
some will convert one or two pages of your document, then tell you that yo=
u have to pay to continue. He also said that you should use the link above=
rather than googling the product name, because there are other products ma=
squerading as this one. I didn't know that the world of freeware was so di=

I imagine that if you or your employer is willing to spend some money up fr=
ont, that you could easily get a reliable product.