Re:Batch system abend codes

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 13, 2008
Hello Listers,
We're running rels 16 under z/OS 1.8.

Would like to know if someone has configured the IDMS-STATUS module for
IDMS batch programs to call the abend routine in such a way as to have
the IDMS abend code show as the MVS abend code.

For example, we have the standard module that performs a CALL 'ABORT'
when necessary but that causes our jobs to abend with a U2222. For
overnight support, the operators will call the support person and
indicate that the job abended with a U2222 which indicates (most of the
time) that the job has succumbed to an IDMS related problem but it would
be nice to be informed of the specific IDMS error that caused the prob
(short of having our operators search through the JES code to get the
displayed IDMS abend info).

-Alex Mc.
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Re: CPU Time by program
"Simplest solution is to create custom version(s) of PMA reports
replacing TASTCDID in the report(s) with TASPGMID. Full-blown custom
reports can be done, of course, but . . .

Note that SMF data is recorded, still, just for tasks, so stats for an
online task that calls multiple programs will still show only one
program name, if you see what I mean. For ERUS tasks, likewise, the
program id of the BIND RU is all that will show up.