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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 14, 2008
Hello All:

Does anyone know how to get a report of the CPU time used by a program?

I know that PMAM can produce reports but they are by TASK CODE and this cli=
ent only sees two task codes coming from CICS and the only other one we see=
is ADS2?

Maybe someone has custom Performance Monitor reports that they would like =
to share?

The J-Reports don't appear to give CPU time and this client does not have t=
he Log Analyzer installed.

So all we have is normal reporting members and performance monitor reports=

Bill Allen
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.
(704) 641-0296

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Re: Batch system abend codes
"Thanks Dave.
Yes, as I responded to a couple of Listers off-line, I did customize a
version of the IDMS-STATUS module to call an asm routine to use the
error status as the user abend code.
You're right, the other option (and maybe simpler to implement) is to
have the operator read the ABORT line in the JES output.