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just wanted to pass this along - we maintain a ""modified"" version of #UCFCI=
CS (don't Ask) - i had to apply some maintenance to support CICS 3.2
- and in the process of re-applying our in-house changes, I commented a lin=
e that should not have been commented - and the result was an immediate sto=
rage corruption in CICS i thought I had done a TSO compare on the new vs ol=
d - but missed this change. Anyhow, I opened an issue with CA and they were=
able to help me find the errant commented line - despite the fact that it =
was an error of my own doing .....

thanks to CA for helping me untie the noose with which I was hanging myself=
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Re: thanks to CA support
"I have always found the CA IDMS support staff willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, no matter if the error was my own or even that of another vendor.

I second Chris's thank you.